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Dalian: the city's power to promote the development of integ
Source:wynaik Time:2015-12-09
        Yesterday, the Provincial Standing Committee and party secretary Tang Jun to the high tech Zone project research and development of integrated circuit industry, stressed the need to seriously implement the national integrated circuit industry development and promote the outline, give full play to the existing foundation and advantages of Dalian, create a good environment, stimulate business vitality, for the city's power to promote the development of integrated circuit industry. Vice mayor Liu Yan participate in research.

        In the investigation, Tang Jun came to the Liaoning province IC design industrial base and the ideal Photoelectric Industrial Park, I understand the integrated circuit industry public service platform construction and operation, and depth of Dalian optoelectronic technology research and development center, Hidden Dragon Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. and Dalian Verde integrated circuit Co. Ltd. and other enterprises, research personnel construction, technological innovation and market development so, ask the relevant departments to increase support, promote enterprises bigger and stronger.

       Tang Jun also chaired a forum to listen to the report on the development of the integrated circuit industry and high tech Zone, Dalian IC Design Industry Base Management Ltd., Dalian University of Technology National Demonstration School of microelectronics, Dalian Silicon Technology Exhibition Co. Ltd and Dalian science and technology limited company, Dalian Rand's integrated circuit Co. Ltd., Semiconductor Industry Association and other institutions and enterprises the person in charge of the opinions and suggestions. Tang Jun while listening to one side, not chipped, and we work together to explore and promote our city to accelerate the development of the integrated circuit industry measures.
Tang Jun pointed out that the integrated circuit industry is the core of the information technology industry, is to support the economic and social development and the protection of national security, strategic, basic and leading industry. Current and future period of time is the important strategic opportunity and crucial period for the development of integrated circuit industry in our city, the municipal Party committee and municipal government are determined to take the integrated circuit industry as the strategic industry in the future.

        Tang Jun stressed that promoting the development of integrated circuit industry, we must adhere to the combination of IC industry design, manufacturing, packaging and testing the whole industry chain development, further expand the industrial scale; adhere to market driven, highlighting the main status of enterprises, according to market demand to develop independent innovation, the main direction of the market, to play a good role in promoting the development of integrated circuit industry, adhere to the development of the park, to accelerate industrial agglomeration, forming scale effect. To increase support to do special plan for the development of the integrated circuit industry, and incorporated into the "Thirteen five" development plan, efforts to break the constraints of industrial development funds, personnel, public service platform and other bottlenecks, to carry out special investment, and actively introduce the project of large projects, good docking of the central and provincial relevant supporting policies to promote the leapfrog development of our city the integrated circuit industry.

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