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2015 Beijing microelectronics international seminar invitati
Source:wynaik Time:2015-12-09
In 2014, the "national integrated circuit industry promotion program" issued, initiated the establishment of the total size of 120 billion yuan of the national integrated circuit industry fund and the total size of 30 billion yuan in Beijing integrated circuit industry investment funds, the establishment of a national network and information security leadership team and the national integrated circuit industry leading group, the development of the integrated circuit industry has become a national strategic consensus, Beijing become an important starting point for building sophisticated economic structure, Beijing and the national IC industry ushered in the golden period of development.

Beijing microelectronics international seminar is under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology, science and technology department and the Beijing Municipal People's government, Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing Semiconductor Industry Association, the international semiconductor equipment and Materials Association (SEMI) and the United States and the United States IC (CASPA), a joint annual meeting of coffee. Held annually in Beijing City, 15, has been successfully held the, to promote the international exchange and cooperation in the IC industry in Beijing and China has played an important role in international exchanges and cooperation.

The 2015 Beijing International Symposium on Microelectronics will be in the "seize the opportunity to promote the great leap forward" Chinese integrated circuit industry under the theme, focusing on the application requirements under the new situation of intelligent hardware, big data, networking, China on integrated circuits and microelectronic industry development and capital operation and innovation environment, to create high-end industry integration etc. an important topic, inviting domestic and foreign guests in China and Beijing integrated circuit industry development strategies and suggestions, and discuss cooperation development plans.

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