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Taiwan's high-end packaging next year's harvest
Source:wynaik Time:2015-12-09
Leading foundry TSMC, after 4 years of combat readiness, are established in CoWoS and InFO two advanced packaging and testing ecosystem, will in the Ming Dynasty (2016) years entered mass production. Compared to the ASE, siliconware shares still quarreling, TSMC CoWoS and InFO Electric has received large customer orders, next year is expected to inject about $300 million (more than NT $10 billion in revenue).

To build heterogeneous chip development logic on the same chip and IC memory (Heterogeneous) architecture, Moore's law on semiconductor process scaling, can not provide a complete heterogeneous chip integration efficiency, thus to achieve acceptable low cost system in package operation efficiency (SiP) is coming into the school.
TSMC SiP promising development potential power in recent years, in addition to input CoWoS (substrate wafer chip package) market, also announced last year in InFO (integrated fanout type) wafer level packaging and foundry market, launched the "WLSI (wafer level integration) platform" grab high order packaging market orders.

TSMC began in 2012 started the layout of wafer level packaging market growth potential, particularly optimistic about the market 3D IC package, establishment of R & D and investment capacity of CoWoS technology, and successfully developed a silicon intermediate layer (silicon interposer), TSV (TSV) technology, this year has been integrated into the production chain of CoWoS and successfully entered the production stage.

Although this year, only the Xilinx (Xilinx), Alterra (Altera) two programmable gate array (FPGA) customers decided to adopt the CoWoS packaging technology, but with the process of advancing to the 16 nm fin field effect transistor (FinFET) generation, and the heterogeneous chip integration trend forming, TSMC has received Huida graphics chip maker Annwa (NVIDIA) and China
Netcom chip manufacturers (Avago) CoWoS high orders, production will start in the next year.

Because the CoWoS production cost is high, suitable for application in high order operation type chip high price, mobile application processor is not suitable for the pursuit of cost-effective, so last year, TSMC developed InFO technology, the second half of this year has started to accelerate InFO production line machine factory Longtan speed, is expected to be completed by the end of next year production certification, at the beginning of entering the trial production, the fastest at the end of the second quarter of next year.

It is understood that the first product of the InFO product is apple A10 application processor, but also because of the success of the InFO technology, the station is expected to take all the A10 foundry orders, mobile phone chip factory Qualcomm, the company is expected to start next year InFO technology.


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